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Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science (GPA 3.9/4.0)

Aug, 2011 - Dec, 2016

Brandeis University

Master of Arts in Computer Science

Aug, 2007 - Dec, 2008

Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

Aug, 2003 - Jul, 2007

Work experience

Research Assistant, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

  • Applied various data mining and machine learning technologies on 200GB datasets to help improve student learning and retention performance, impacting over 10 thousands of students.
  • Spearheaded the use of deep learning in educational data mining and outperformed a well-known method by 10% in AUC.
  • Studied various optimization technologies in an extended Hadoop environment and improved performance by 5 to 10 times on join operations by using colocation and caching strategies.

Aug, 2011 - Present

Software Engineering Intern, edX

  • Studied the design and implementation details of a Massive Open Online Course system and the workflow of open source software development.
  • Designed and implemented a shared data access framework prototype to encourage more cooperation and communication on the edX platform.

June, 2015-Aug, 2015

SDE Intern, Microsoft

  • Designed a classification model with Random Forest algorithms to identify valid user complaints. This model reduced complaint processing workload by 55% while maintaining extremely high recall on valid complaints.
  • Designed a real-time anomaly detection model to detect Xbox Live operation issues from social network streaming data. This model used IQR threshold methods and demonstrated the ability to detect outage events 25 minutes before official notification system acknowledged.

June, 2014 - Aug, 2014

Software Engineer, Edison Mission Marketing & Trading

  • Built and maintained a web-based analysis platform to support the work of over 50 traders and analysts.
  • Optimized computation operations with advance data structures and improved time efficiency by 300%.

Feb, 2009 - Jan, 2011

Quality Assurance, IBM China Software Development Lab

  • Performed I18N & L10N testing on Lotus Notes and related applications to improve production quality.
  • Prompted as Language QA Leader with the responsibilities of coordinating test procedures between testers and developers.

Jan, 2007 - Aug, 2007

Technical skill

Data Mining
Machine Learning
Big Data Management
Software Engineering
Algorithm Design and Analysis
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